Tuesday, September 02, 2014

August in Review

 The girls and I went up to Michigan to visit the Wilson's.  On our way home we would get texts from Jon on what he was making us for dinner. Check out those awesome tomatoes from the garden! We were greeted with lasagna and salad. So delicious, especially after a long car ride.

 We had a family yard work day and were able to put the pavers down next to the sandbox (I'll try to post a finished picture soon) We also got all the flower beds cleaned up a bit and picked a bunch of our beans. These were super fun to grow this year. They were pink and white and we now have a bunch of dried beans to make some yummy soup this winter.

We found this poor bird that had hurt it's wing. We had put it in a box and kept calling and calling the place where we could take it to get help, but they didn't call us back until we were almost to the beach. Needless to say the poor thing died. 

Claire Bear turned 6! We had a wonderful day opening presents, heading to the beach and relaxing with some friends. It was a bit windy and there was a bunch of waves. This made it so Claire would have nothing to do with the water. However she enjoyed being in the sand and exploring in those trees you can see behind them. Marcella on the other hand would only stay out of the water long enough to eat. She may be a fish at heart. 

 Both girls got buried in the sand. Marcella became a mermaid and little Claire believe it or not is actually standing. Ashley had dug a pretty deep hole to try to bury Nick... Claire stole it and we buried her instead. We had a great time with the Hartwells and the Smiths! Thanks for coming and celebrating with us.

 When we got home Claire decided it was a good time to check out her door. She loved all the pictures and the candy bar she is holding. (the only candy this little one likes.) 

 We spent the last night before school started hanging out outside. These two love to play together and this is my favorite picture. I am so glad they have each other. 

 Breakfast time!


Marcella and Claire started school

This is how I get woken up most mornings. This sweet girl will come in and then say "Look the sun is come out! Hurray!"

It seems that most of the kids in Claire's class got sick. She was no exception. She had a fever all weekend, so we had lots of bubble baths and snuggles.

 We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise and had our breakfast outside.

 Marcella learned how to straighten her hair. 

The girls and I had some fun times walking to school, until it decided to be 80+ degrees and 100% humidity, then I broke down and had them ride the bus. We are now getting our summer heat, which is a big bummer because I am really looking forward to fall.

I started painting the baby's room. It is pretty dark, but it feels cozy. I still need to do another coat on a couple of the walls and then I will post some pictures.

 We had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. Friday we were able to swim at Jenny and Thomas' house. The girls had a great time. Marcella, like I said before, is a little fish. She loves to swim. She started trying front and back flips into the water and had a blast just swimming long after everyone else got out. On Sat. Spencer and Rachel came down. We had a great time, chatting, eating, playing games and shopping. It was a nice relaxing weekend. 

We all got back in our routine this morning. I sent everyone off to school and then I headed to my Dr. appt. I am 32 weeks and now get to see the Dr. every 2 weeks. Everything has been going really great with this pregnancy. In two weeks we are going to schedule my c-section. I was hoping we could do it early, but it most likely will be on the 20th or 23rd of Oct. As long as I don't go into labor before. :) Well that was our August in a nut shell. Cheers.


Terry said...

I just want to say that I really do like that you are posting on your blog again. Thanks, I really enjoy the updates.

Spencer Wallin said...

We miss you guys! Thanks for posting!

Lizzy said...

I wish I were there for the Lasagne!

Laurissa said...

It's so nice to see pictures of you guys and what your'e doing! Looks like it was a great summer.